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                                                                               Welcome to 8 Valor!
Welcome to 8th grade.  We are looking forward to getting to know our new team of students.  The supply list is posted under "Academics" from the Stony Brook homepage.  You have the choice of using four separate binders, or two binders that hold two subjects each for your 8 Valor Team classes.  We want to thank you in advance for your contributions of tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes as we share our space and try not to share colds.  Your other supplies will be used beginning the first day of school.  We will be jumping in right away!
During our first full week you will be discovering what Washington DC monument inspired our names 8th grade teams Victory, Peace, and Valor.  

        Team Homework is posted to the left of this page and is updated daily.  Homework is assigned in each class and students are responsible for maintaining an agenda book that reflects these assigments.

        Tests, quizzes, and projects are posted on the calendar to the left.  This calendar is updated as soon as these are announced in class.  These dates may be adjusted, so please do not use them for longterm planning.

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The Eight Valor Team Gazette

8th grade math is an adventure into the world of Algebra. We have many topics to cover including equations, linear relationships, Pythagorean Theorem, 3-dimensional measurement and geometry.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare you for a smooth transition to high school.  There can be some difficult steps in our journey, but we are in this together.  Algebra 1 Part A and Accelerated Algebra students will be working from the same textbook.  You need to bring a reliable calculator that has a square root key.  It can be a very inexpensive, costing only a dollar or two.  You can also consider getting a calculator that will last for several years.  If you do, you should get a scientific calculator, but don't spend more than about $15 maximum.  Anything more expensive will have features that you will not need for quite a while.  I am looking forward to getting to know each of our team members and challenging you to be a logical problem solver.


Welcome to 8th grade!  Be prepared for lots of work and lots of fun.  This year we will complete units in grammar, the entire vocabulary book, and several novels in addition to a unit on short stories and two plays.  We are starting the year learning literary terms and then applying them to short stories to create a foundation for the literary analysis that we will be doing for the rest of the year.  Students will learn to look beyond what is on the page and will be asking my favorite question -- WHY?  We will be reading short stories by Edgar Allen Poe, Shirley Jackson, and Ray Bradbury, among others.  Students will apply their knowledge by creating and performing a Talk Show skit, as well as writing their first formal five-paragraph literary response essay.  I look forward to getting to know all of my students and hearing what they have to say about some great literature!

We're taking on the WORLD this year in 8th grade social studies.  Travelling back to the Middle Ages, students will explore the rise and fall of civilizations from the collapse of the Roman Empire to the beginnings of the Modern Era. Throughout the centuries, people's beliefs have guided their actions and influenced history.  So we will begin with an introduction to the major religious and philosphical belief systems that have impacted the civilizations weíll be studying.  Get ready to travel around the globe!

8Valor students have begun their study of evolution. We will take a look at Charles Darwin's voyage to the Galapagos Islands and how the observations he made while there led to his theory of evolution.  Students will discuss natural selection and how this process allows for species to survive un-welcoming habitats. Students will refresh their knowledge of how fossils are formed and what we, as scientists, can learn from them.

Washinton DC Museums - Take a look at all Washington DC has to offer!


Mrs. Ewing
Academic Coach
Developmental Reading

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