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Ski and Board Club 2017-18  

Make-up Day for missing Ski Club on the no school snow day will be after vacation:  Feb. 28

Pickup is at Nashoba Valley Ski Area at 5:00 pm.  Arrange a meeting site with your student. There is no need for a check out procedure.  If you need to see a chaperone, we are located  OUTSIDE in the front of the lodge from 4:55-5:00 and before that we are
INSIDE the Lodge on the first floor or patrolling the slopes with the kids.  If a student is injured we are notified by Ski Patrol and will be with them until you arrive.  

If there is a need for cancellation due to School Closings or Ski Area Closing due to poor slope
conditions, Announcements will be posted here as soon as I receive notification from Nashoba.  Thank you for your cooperation and have a wonderful Holiday Season!
Looking forward to a safe and successful 2017-18 on the SNOW!!!!

Deb Barsel, Jean McAveeney, Mindy Schnare, Stephanie Sullivan

Coordinator:  Beth Gutteridge

This year the release form required from Nashoba Valley can be signed online.  
Please go to this site to sign the form.


                                 111011_21122_0.jpg                                   111011_21336_2.jpg

          Stony Brook Ski and Board Club

When:    Wednesday afternoons starting January 48h for six weeks
                  No club 2/7 - 1/2 day for students.  Last day 2/14/2018

Dates:   Starting 1/3/18

Time:  2:00 - 5:00 pm

Transportation: Buses will leave the parking lot next to the Gym at 2:00 PM.  Parents are responsible for picking up their child at Nashoba Valley Ski Area at 5:00 PM.

Activity Fee: There is a $50 activities fee per child for participating in any after school club or activity during the year.  If your child has not paid the activities fee yet this year, then the $50 fee must be paid in addition to the prices listed below. Students who have already participated in an after school club or activity should have already paid the fee.

Lift Pass and Lesson Options:

Skiing/Riding Options
(Checks made payable to: Stony Brook School  must be turned in NO LATER than December 8th)
Transportation Only (must have a season pass and no lesson is included)
Transportation and lift ticket
Transportation, lift ticket, and lesson

Season Pass Holders:  Pay transportation fee only

Rental Equipment and Pre-Fit Night:
Ski and board equipment can be rented through Nashoba.  Attend the Pre-Fit night so that your child can be properly fitted and the equipment reserved.  Pre-fit night is December 11 5-7pm at NASHOBA SKI AREA RENTAL OFFICE. If you can't attend Pre-fit night then you must go to Nashoba Ski Rental before December 31st to get fitted. The rental fee for equipment is $110.  Helmet rental is an additional fee of $50 or may be purchased for $60. Rental fees are paid directly to Nashoba Ski Area on Pre-Fit night.

Lessons:  Start at 3:00 PM and groups meet at the large sign labeled “Ski School Lessons” in front of the lodge.  

Personal Equipment Drop-Off:  Drop off skis/boards/poles on Wednesday morning from 6:45 - 10:00 AM at the front door entrance. Place ski/boards/poles on the racks at the end of the drop off area. The skis/boards/poles will be transported to Nashoba for pick-up by the participants.

Leave backpacks with boots/pants/helmets/clothing in the COMMON AREA for each grade. Students will collect backpacks and clothing before loading buses at 2:00 PM for transportation to Nashoba.  Participants are responsible for their own equipment, clothing, boots, and backpacks.  Please be sure everything is labeled.  Students can change at Nashoba.

Ski Club Badge: Badges will be distributed in December and must be worn while skiing.  Lost badges cost $5 to be replaced.

Cancellations:  In the event that Nashoba Valley cancels or closes on one of the Ski Club program dates, then another Wednesday will be tacked on to the end of the scheduled season.  Students will take the buses home and will be required to pick up their ski equipment from Stony Brook.  Every attempt will be made to notify students so that they can board their regular bus or arrange transportation home.

Chaperones:  Teachers will chaperone the Ski Club.  Ski Club chaperones will be in the lodge, in front of the lodge, and skiing.  Locate one of the chaperones if there are questions about lesson location, badge replacement, or injury.

Injuries:  If a participant gets injured on the slope, s/he should ask the Ski Patrol to contact the Coordinator of the Stony Brook Ski Club, Ms. Gutteridge, to notify the club chaperones of the injury. One or more chaperones will wait with the injured student until a parent arrives or other arrangements are made.  Any injury, however minor, should be reported to a chaperone.

Inappropriate Behavior:  Inappropriate or dangerous behavior will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior may include throwing materials from chairlifts, fighting, or purposely making a mess in the lodge. If a participant in reprimanded in any way by the Ski Patrol, the Ski Club reserves the right to remove the student from Ski Club for the rest of the year with no refund of fees.

Checks:  Made payable to  Stony Brook School.  Checks and permission slips must be turned in NO LATER THAN December 15, 2018
Permission Slips and Release Forms:  Complete online Release form


                             Ski and Board Club Permission Slip

Student Name __________________________________Grade __   Advisory Teacher  __________

                                  Lift Pass and Lesson Options

Skiing/Riding Options
(Checks made payable to Stony Brook School must be turned in NO LATER THAN December 8th)
Check One Option ()
Transportation Only (must have a season pass and no lesson is included)
Transportation and lift ticket
Transportation, lift ticket, and lesson
Lesson Type:    Please circle:   SKI  or   SNOWBOARD

                         Activities Fee - Please send separate check!

Activities Fee - Separate check payable to :
Westford Public Schools
Check One Option ()
School fee for participating in an after school club or activity.
Fee already paid for the 2017-2018 year.

Beginning Skier?  (YES ____  No_____) Students must take lessons if below a D level skier to learn to ski, enjoy the sport, and avoid becoming a risk to self and others.

My son/daughter has my permission to participate in the Stony Brook After School Ski and Board Club starting on January 3and ending on February 14. I will provide transportation home for my son/daughter each Wednesday afternoon at 5:00 PM from Nashoba Valley.

I acknowledge that skiing/boarding is an inherently risky sport and that there is a possibility of injury. I also acknowledge that my child will be allowed to ski with their friends and may not be under direct supervision by Stony Brook chaperones at all times.

Parent Name ______________________          Parent Signature __________________________

Phone number where you can be reached on Wednesdays from 2:00 to 5:00 PM

1st ______________________              2nd __________________________

Details about the Ski and Board Club are posted on the Stony Brook Website.

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