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Bags & Bees...update!
Between bag checks and bee stings, this is not the way I imagined the week ending.  

Hopefully, you saw my earlier message regarding the bags, so I will focus now on the bees.  While venturing to the archeological dig site here on the campus, a group of 7th graders inadvertently stumbled upon a bees nest which resulted in a few bee stings.  The injured students responded appropriately and were able to receive treatment from Ms. Hanly in the health clinic who took great care of them as always.  Our custodians were able to address the situation over at the site to prevent any future interactions between students and bees. But as you can imagine there was a great deal abuzz among the 7th graders for short while.

We are making excellent progress in narrowing down the window of time in which the inappropriate message was written yesterday that resulted in our adjusted entrance to the school this morning.  I appreciate all of the cooperation that students have given us in regards to better understanding their knowledge of the situation.  Even though I often joke about the roller coaster ride of working with early adolescents, our students tend to make the right choices regarding their behavior and exhibit a great deal of pride in the Stony Brook community. I am confident that we will be able to resolve this incident and determine responsibility very soon.  

Before my enthusiasm for this week's update was dampened by bags & bees, I had the great fortune of visiting a lot of classrooms.  I was part of an 8th grade science experiment in which they were collecting data as to how adrenaline affects hand/eye coordination.  I watched a wonderfully relaxing mindful video and then completed a simple task...while being observed by a class full of 8th graders (good luck relaxing) then started the process over and was scared by a student jumping out of a container while I was trying to complete the simple task...they said I did what they expected and the increased adrenaline actually improved my eye/hand coordination.  Additionally, I enjoyed watching 8th graders use the online Desmos tool to graph the movement and activity of simulated cartoon circus acts to work towards better understanding the necessary equations pertinent to predicting flight/movement patterns.  Spanish students were discussing the recent Earthquake in Mexico and listening to stories of the rescue animals trained as first responders in such catastrophic events.  Theater students were using the Myers-Briggs personality scale to begin exploring Uta Hagen's questions for character development.  They were collaborating in groups to create a unique presentation that best represented their data from the Myer-Briggs assessment; there was a great deal of laughter and enthusiasm involved.  The students on the Project Based Learning team were able to bring their designed learning spaces to life and re-imagine their regular workspace to best support the flexibility needed throughout the day. Between all of that, I was able to enjoy listening to our older orchestra students progress through some beautiful warm-up activities, spend some time in the cafeteria as well as outside at recess, and visit all of our World Language classes.

With all of the activity, I am ready for a nap and am looking forward to a restful weekend.



Dr. Christopher Chew
Stony Brook School
Westford, MA 01886
(978) 692-2708

Nashoba Youth Hockey is continuing Westford Academy’s Middle School hockey program for the 2017-2018 season.  The program is open to all Westford residents in the 6th 7th and 8th grade, both boys and girls.  Games will be played from November through February on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  We will play in the Valley Middle School League which offers great parity and local games.  The cost is $300.00, same as in previous years however this year, we will incorporate some practices under the guidance of Coach Carpenters and his staff at WA.   This is a great way to have your child skating with the very same kids they will skate with in High School.  Registration is closings soon, please visit our website at   Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Michael Bonenfant

From your PTO:
Jack Gantos is visting our 6th graders on October 18. This event is one of our most popular PTO-sponsored Arts & Education programs. Be sure to bring in a book for Mr. Gantos to sign or order one through the PTO at a discounted rate. Last chance to submit your order is Monday, September 25Click here for details.

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